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'The Wonders of Africa'


When it comes to Egypt, the attractions available to witness are countless. The place has a lot to offer, ranging from nature, to temples, to mummies, to vast pyramids. The mummies planet has an incredibly rich history which almost dates back to the inception of civilization and as such, Ancient Egyptian society left behind so many amazing sights, all somehow incredibly well preserved


Seychelles is an archipelago of 155 islands, extended in a jeweled bow from the equator to the tip of Madagascar. The airplane terminals and ferry’s sprung this present Aladdin's cavern of the travel industry and now it has turned out to be one of the most select special honeymoon destination. This 6 evenings 7 days Seychelles honeymoon trip allows you to explore the shorelines


South Africa has raced to the top of many travelers' must-visit lists. The place is stuffed with stunning places, cool cities, and the world famous African wildlife. The country without a doubt has it all. South Africa is sure to capture everyone’s hearts forever and years later. It is a place where you can spot majestic animals like elephants and lions up close in the wild.